Before there was Shannon's Scents, there was Shannon Danielle!

I loved putting events together and watch everyone around me have a good time! There was a time in my life after college where it seemed like we (myself and my roommates at the time) were having events and parties so much, when a month went by and there were no parties, someone would contact me and say, "Hey, when's the next party? Did I miss the last?!"

A couple of years later, my best friend, Danielle Armstrong, who has been around event planning since we were in high school, became my roommate. We were not strangers to working togethere where events were concerned.

In college we worked with a group promoting at one of the clubs in our neighborhood. Our job, get people in the door. We networked, planned events, put fliers together, handed them out. 

Our love for events had us collaborating and we even had more parties at our house. We decided, why not turn this into a business! We began taking Event courses and driving around our town and the surrounding towns collecting our data for the venues in the area. We started planning our business. Somewhere out in the Facebook world, the "Shannon Danielle" page exists lol.

However, life turned me in a different direction, events becoming a little too demanding for my busy home life (a husband, 3 kids, and 3 pets may do that LOL). That's when I realized I also had an interest in making candles!

While my interests have broadened a bit, I still love participating in events! When there's a Danie Marie Event going on, you may see me there assisting in set up, find my candles as favors/centerpieces or maybe you may come across one of my centerpiece creations, the shoehawk!

Simply put, in whatever capacity it is, when Shannon's Scents and Danie Marie Events get together, we make it work!


mell goods” is what I call all my fragrance products. From lotions, to body sprays, to candles, I’ve always had a thing for them. I’m always looking up ways to DIY when it comes to reproducing these products. I’ve even started dabbling in making my own laundry detergent and soaps.


eisenberg has to be my all-time favorite television series character, with Breaking Bad being my favorite all time television series. My husband and I found out about Breaking Bad in its 4th season. We loved it so much, we binge watched it and was ready for the final season when it aired.


aliyah fan. I grew up listening to her music and emulating her style. Baggy jeans and her Veronica Lake inspired swoop bangs became part of my look. Songs like Are You That Somebody, We Need a Resolution, and More Than A Woman are some of my personal favorites.


onconformist. I’ve always been someone who’s been proud to march to the beat of a different drummer. One of my favorite quotes has always been, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.


ever a dull moment in my life. I’m a wife and mother raising 3 girls, who works full time, and makes candles on the side. I love to stay busy. My husband jokes around with me because he says I don’t know how to just sit down and relax; I always have to find SOMETHING to do.


nly child and a true Jersey girl (since it's the only home I've ever known). As a true Aquarius woman I've always been very independent, somewhat rebellious and a true original.


othing makes me happier than making candles and smell goods….okay, maybe smelling the final product does


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