Candles VS. Warmer

December 27, 2017




There is no correct answer to this, it’s all about preference!


Personally, I love both options and please don’t make me choose lol.


With the electric warmers, I love the fact that you can basically leave them on, and not worry. With a house full of kids, a cat, and 2 dogs, it’s a great luxury to place a warmer in each room and fragrant each room with different scents if I choose. All I have to do is plop the wax in, and walk away! At first I’d be paranoid about leaving the warmer on while I left the house. But, after doing this a couple of times, I realized it was no different than leaving a slow cooker on!


Not only can the warmers be used to warm fragrances, but they serve as great decoration! Different shapes, colors, and sizes, you can purchase your warmer for your house needs. Pluggables for the bathroom? Flickering lights for the living room? 2-1 Warmers so you can warm your melts AND your candles?!? All of these options are out there and I’ve definitely taken advantage lol. I have at least 5 warmers in my house…all different and for different needs.

The 2-in-1 Warmer is great for those who love burning candles but hate the flame. This allows you to take the ceramic plate off of the top of the warmer where there is a hot plate. Place your candle on the hot plate where it will begin to melt and fragrant the room.

Lately, I’ve even been using the tea light warmers for my kitchen. These warmers are not electric. It’s a small ceramic warmer with an opening in the middle where you’ll put the tea light. On top, you can plop in a small size of fragranced wax and watch the tea light melt the wax on top. I really enjoy this option as you can mix and match your tea light and wax melt scents. The other night I had a Mistletoe wax melt on top that was being burned by a Lemongrass tea light.

Deep at heart, I’m old school though, and can still appreciate the traditional burning of a candle! Recently, I’ve been burning more candles outdoors. This actually worked out perfectly during one of our family cookouts. I made Citronella candles for the first time and needed to test them out. I brought 2 -3 of these candles with me for the event. Everyone was fine during the day but as the evening approached us, so did the bugs! “Light the candles!” my husband yelled while we were all relaxing, sitting on our blankets, laid out in the grass. As the kids were smacking and scratching their arms from the new mosquito bites they were receiving, I lit the candles and we waited. After just a few minutes I hear, “Guess they work," my dad said, as we all watched everyone start to calm down and sit a little more peacefully. Thank goodness for those candles….an electrical warmer couldn’t have saved us in that moment lol.


Burning candles, it’s a mood setter for me. There’s nothing like a nice bubble bath or even a shower in a dimly lit bathroom and seeing the flickering light of burning candle! The smell that accompanies this flickering just adds to the therapy aspect of things. Throw a Jamaican Me Crazy candle in your bathroom, have a nice glass of wine, get in the shower, close your eyes, take a deep breath! Vacation in a jar! Lol



And guys! I know burning candles seems to be more of the “woman” thing to do, but have you ever sat back on the weekend after a long work week, cracked open a beer, and watched tv while burning a wood wick candle?!? The woodsy smell that will come from that candle will put you in a mental space you didn’t think a candle could get you to. Don’t like woodsy smells but you enjoy colognes, oils, and/or liquor scents?


Candles can be created to smell just like your favorite cologne or oil! That’s huge for me! It’s fun to take scents you may purchase at the mall for your body, and purchase them to add to your wax and fragrant your home!

Candles or warmers? I say both!

I can’t choose, and I won’t.  :)




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