Burnt Cotton Candy?!?

January 8, 2018

     So I have this friend Tanesha. Tanesha is one of my biggest supporters. She's probably smelled more of my melts than I have. She's my customer, tester, and promoter. When I'm done creating new melts, I'll give them to her to try them out let me know what she thinks. This comes in handy when she has other friends over and they comment on the smell of her house once they enter. She ends up giving me some great feedback on my products. 

     Tanesha has a friend and they got into a conversation about smell goods and I came up. "Ooooh, does she have cotton candy??" the friend asked. "Uhhh we've never talked about it but I'll see what I can do", Tanesha said to her. After Tanesha told me what the request was, I got right on it and ordered the Cotton Candy fragrance from one of my favorite suppliers. Tanesha ended up giving the friend a gift basket for Christmas that included a warmer and a bunch of cotton candy melts. 


     Soooooo fast forward a couple of weeks. I'm in the Dollar Store yesterday and I get a text message from Tanesha. "Just some feedback. My friend loved the warmer and cotton candy. But crazy thing is, she lives in a two family home that caught on fire and they thought a candle started it cause they could still smell the cotton candy over the smoke LOL. Everyone was ok but she had to explain to everyone how it wasn't a candle that started the fire and the fire wasn't even in her unit." My mouth immediately dropped at the sight of "FIRE". But after I read the complete message, I let out a sigh of relief and laughed. "Wow!" I thought to myself. "A house fire....and they STILL smelled the cotton candy through it". Tanesha added, "As soon as I walked in, she was like, 'your friend's melts are the truth'. "

     I'm so happy and relieved no one was hurt in the house fire, but I sure do love my feedback through it all! All I can do is think about the mental picture of people scrambling around. I can see them sniffing the air, smelling the smoke...then the cotton candy (and what did that smell like, burnt cotton candy?!?), and trying to figure out where it's coming from and if that was the culprit of the fire. That was definitely a confidence booster for me throughout the rest of the day lol.

     And while I laugh and smile, what's most important is that no one was hurt in that house fire and that it didn't extend to the next unit. 

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