Recently on Instagram I posted about tunneling and how you need to let your candle create a melt pool before you blow it out. 

Life happens. Sometimes our kids blow out the candle thinking it's a birthday cake. Other times we're in a hurry and need to leave the house so you can't help but to burn it out. 

Here are some solutions if you ever encounter a tunneling candle.

Use a wax warmer. We have 2-in-1 wax warmers that are intended for jar candles. No need to throw out your candle and waste your money!

If you're still looking for a flame, you can remove the wax from your candle and place it on a tea-light warmer. You can then use tea-lights to melt the wax. This way, you get to enjoy the scent from the candle you were about to toss and still have your flame to flicker throughout the room



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